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In our support groups within the Young, Black and Widowed Inc community our members have discussed "Post-mortem Planning & Service Checklists" at length. In each session, all members recounted that planning a service during the fog of a shocking loss of one's young life partner, was one of the most painful parts of the initial shook of losing a spouse. Though this this funeral service

checklist is sterile, it is designed to help

When planning a service after the death of life partner, take the following steps:

  1. Obtain legal pronouncement of death from an attending doctor, hospice nurse or call 911.

  2. Seek to have organs donated to assist the living, if desired

  3. Arrange transportation of the body to coroner for autopsy.

  4. Arrange transportation of the body from coroner to funeral home of your choice.

  5. Decide on the type of disposition, such as traditional burial or cremation.

    1. For traditional burial arrange embalming, choose outfit, select casket, grave marker, inscriptions, location of internment and obtain a burial permit.

    2. For cremation chose cremation container and, if desired, grave marker and inscriptions and location of internment.

  6. Decide on the type of service such as a memorial, wake, military service or celebration of life and identify a location for the service.

  7. Compile information for the obituary and tactfully post it to social media or submit it with local newspapers. Communicate the preference for flowers, donations to charitable organizations within the obituary.

  8. Prepare any other photos, displays, memorial guest book, passages, songs, videos, memorabilia, printed programs, flowers at the service and reception food.

  9. Choose an officiant to lead the service, such as a religious leader, family member or friend, and decide who will perform the eulogy.

  10. Obtain multiples death certificate copies to begin your extensive survivorship paperwork.


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